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invisible gloss

LUCID Paint Protection Film is the ultimate solution for vehicle

owners looking to keep their car's paint in pristine condition. No lie! 


LUCID comes through on it's reason for existence.

Superior protection against rock chips, scratches, and other debris is just part of the fun

while providing a crystal-clear finish with an ultra-glossy look.

With a silky-smooth texture and a thickness of 8 mil,

our film is the highest quality on the market.


Let us not forget about the stellar warranty!

Our 12-year transferable warranty provides added peace of mind,

ensuring that your investment is safe and secure.


Now, can we get LUCID a mic to drop? 


luxury satin

Phantom PPF manufactured by GHT is a global leader in the matte wrap game.

Phantom PPF goes a step beyond a matte finish.

Instead, GHT has developed a proprietary satin finish that looks far more luxurious then all the other matte ppf's out there.

Not only is the film amazingly super installer friendly,

you can bet there is no other product like this one at the Opera!


obsidian gloss

Voodoo is magical to say the least. 

Are you afraid to wash your black car because you are going to swirl your paint?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a black car that would maintain a perfect scratch-free gloss finish?

Have you ever wanted to wrap your roof in black vinyl just to find out it doesn't last and scratches if you stare at it wrong. 


VOODOO PPF offers a high gloss and deep obsidian finish that’s virtually free of distortion and orange peel. Basically it rivals show quality paint jobs, while easy to clean, and self-heals if you scratch it. The time has come for you to finally have the perfect black finish!

12yr Warranty

Our PPF is built to last



Adding value to your vehicle


Crystal Clear

Absolutely No Texture

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