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Clear Protection and Comfort

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Reduce heat and glare

Santa Rosa Window Tint's virtually clear window film

Our clear ceramic window tint

Designed specifically for consumers that don’t want the look of dark windows on their vehicles, but still desire heat rejection and UV protective qualities without altering the looks. 


Why Our Virtually Clear Ceramic Window Tint

  • 99% UV reduction stops skin cancer, aging, and sunburns

  • Protects not only you but your interior and loved ones

  • 49% solar energy rejection offers superior comfort

  • 23% glare reduction reduces eye fatigue

  • Up to 30 degrees temp reduction

  • Won't interfere with cell phones, gps, or radios

  • High optical clarity and low-reflection

Enhance your Privacy Glass

Santa Rosa Window Tint's clear ceramic tint is used for more then windshields. Factory tinted glass doesn’t provide much performance against solar energy and harmful UV rays that contribute to skin cancer. To provide you, your passengers, and vehicle the most protection and comfort the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that you tint your side and rear windows to avoid putting you and your passengers at risk. 

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