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Sonoma County

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Tinting your windows is a cost-effective way to make them more energy efficient. Window tinting involves installing a thin laminate film on the interior or exterior surface of windows. In addition to keeping the heat inside your home from escaping in winter, tinted windows can prevent your home from overheating in summer.


Santa Rosa Window Tint has you covered if you want to have the windows in your home or office tinted. We are a leading window tinting company in Sonoma County. Our unparalleled ability to develop customized window tinting solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs sets us apart from the competition.


Choosing the right window tint can be tricky. Many homeowners feel overwhelmed when faced with too many options. We help our customers make informed decisions when choosing window tints. Our tinting experts help them evaluate different window tint options so they can determine the best tint for their windows.


We offer a range of world-class ceramic tints and decorative tints. They tick all the right boxes for homeowners who want to have their windows tinted for decorative purposes and those who want to reduce sun glare or increase home privacy.  


Tinting windows is not as straightforward and simple as you might think. Several factors can affect the performance and lifespan of window tints. Our technicians have hands-on experience installing different types of window tints. They have spent years studying different window tinting techniques. Their accumulated knowledge and specialized skills enable them to ensure flawless tint application.


After your residential or commercial window tinting is installed, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular window tint maintenance. Periodic maintenance keeps your tinted window looking its best. Our team provides maintenance services to ensure your window tinting lasts longer and performs flawlessly.

If you are looking for a trusted company to install window tinting on your home or commercial building in Sonoma County, reach out to Santa Rosa Window Tint. To request a quote, call our office.

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