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Santa Rosa


Un-tinted windows are a common source of heat loss in homes and offices. In addition, UV radiation through non-tinted building windows poses a risk of damage to your health and belongings. Tinting your windows is a great way to make them more energy efficient. Tinted windows are designed to block UV rays, helping reduce the risk of diseases caused by UV overexposure. 


Santa Rosa Window Tint is a leading residential window film installer near you in Santa Rosa. We also specialize in commercial window tinting, providing film solutions to those with businesses across Santa Rosa.


Window tint installation is more complex than it may seem. If you tint your window yourself, you will likely make a window tinting mistake, rendering the film useless. Why take unnecessary risks when help is just a phone call away?


Our tinting experts bring years of experience and specialized skills to the table. They have studied the best of practice methods and techniques to provide our customers with flawless applications that will give optimal lifespan for your tinting investment. Our unparalleled expertise in window tinting enables us to tailor window tinting solutions to our customer’s specific needs.


Many property owners become overwhelmed by the many choices when choosing the right tint for their windows. We are committed to helping home, and business owners make informed tint-buying decisions for their Santa Rosa properties. Our tinting experts help our customers evaluate the options available to them. Once they understand the pros and cons of different products, building owners can choose the tint best for their project.


We offer a wide range of world-class window tints. Ceramic tints, decorative tints, security tints – you name it, we have got it. Our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities. They undergo a series of rigorous inspections and meet stringent national and international quality standards.


Window tinting is a relatively new technology. Residential and commercial window tints have come a long way and are still evolving. Tinting technologies that are trending today can go out of favor tomorrow. In a rapidly evolving industry, our tinting experts closely follow industry news and developments. They stay on top of emerging technologies and regularly update their skills and knowledge. As a result, our tinting experts are way ahead of the curve with the wealth of knowledge they have amassed over the years.


Like everything else, window tints need regular care and maintenance. After tinting windows, we create window tint maintenance plans to help homeowners keep their tinted windows looking their best for years to come.


Are you looking for a team of trusted professionals to install window tinting on your home or commercial building in Santa Rosa? Contact Santa Rosa Window Tint. To learn more about our services or to receive a quote, call our office at (707) 879-8468.

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