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Residential Window Tinting
Professionally Installed

SRWT's residential tint are one of the smartest—and most advanced—ways to enhance your home.
Experience your home in a better light with SRWT window tint

Installing solar window tint in your home reduces glare and heat saving you money and your view. SRWT's residential tint blocks 99% UV protecting your skin, floors, and furnishings. 

This is a home in Santa Rosa that was tinted by Santa Rosa Window Tint
The most advanced high performing home tint

If heat is a concern look no further. Our ceramic tint provide superior performance my utilizing the lasted Nano Ceramic and IR technology. 

This is a residential home in Petaluma that was tinted with ceramic tint by Santa Rosa Window Tint
Turn your glass from ordinary to extrodinary

Specialty films open new possibilities. They can transform standard glass into an architectural feature, without the expense of custom glass. They can soften and filter light. They can turn your master bath into a private oasis. Or they can darken a room for the ideal home theater environment.

This is a residential home in Petaluma that was tinted with decorative tint by Santa Rosa Window Tint
UV Protection
Residential window tint blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays from entering the house. Protecting you and your family, as well as preventing your furnishings from fading.
Improved Looks

Installing reflective, solar control or decorative window tint will increase privacy and enhance your home’s appearance.


Our residential security tint keeps the intruders out and your family and belongings safe. 


The manufacturer warrants professionally sold and applied residential window tint. Please ask for details. 

Home Window Tinting Solutions

Santa Rosa Window Tint's residential solar films set homeowners free to enjoy the uplifting effects of natural sunlight, without all the undesirable heat, glare and harmful UV rays that typically come with it.


We offer a variety of tint configurations engineered with sputtered, hybrid and all-metal technologies. This provides options for solar protection level and ensures there is a look to fit every home’s architecture and every homeowner’s preference.


Because professional installation and lasting durability are also critical for ideal results, we engineer products for both exterior and interior application, using corrosion-resistant configurations that don’t require edge sealing when possible. All our solar film lines are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty* as well. We value your trust and confidence.

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