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Will Tinted House Windows Actually Save You Money?

Window tint is a thin, scratch-resistant laminate film that is applied to glass surfaces to provide a shielding of the sun. Tinting can be applied to a wide variety of glass surfaces including interior and exterior windows of a home or business.

When homeowners in the Novato area search for additional ways to reduce the costs of their energy bills, they often ask, “will tinted windows really reduce my energy use?” The short answer is, yes. At Santa Rosa Window Tint, our team of window tint installation experts provide the highest quality window tinting to homes of all sizes, saving homeowners thousands of dollars on their energy bills each year. Here are some of the most compelling ways tinting your home’s windows can help cut your energy and home costs.

Cooling Costs

A cool house means less work for your Air conditioning unit. As a result, you spend less on cooling costs. Heating and cooling costs account for around 48 % of the average household’s electricity bill. Given the fact that a substantial percentage of the heat inside a home enters through the windows, window tinting can result in substantial cost savings.

There are different types of window tints. Some stylish window tints improve the aesthetic appeal of homes, some enhance privacy, and some keep homes cool in summer. When choosing window film for providing energy savings, choose one with the most thermal protection.

Home Privacy Costs

Tinting the windows in your home adds an extra layer of privacy. The tinting makes it less easy for those outside to see in, creating an added element of protection to the safety of your home.

Home security systems can be extensive, and rarely actively work protecting your home unlink tinted windows.

For some homeowners, additional safety for their home and family is priceless, but there is a monetary value added to a home on the market that has tinted windows. When up for sale, this built-in privacy is a bonus of added value to your property.

UV Damage Costs

UV rays from the sun can damage furniture. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause permanent discoloration, making your furniture look older than it is. Tinted windows block UV rays, and can hence help protect furniture, artwork, carpeting and other valuable items from sun damage.

Overexposure to UV rays can cause premature skin aging, eye problems, and increase one’s risk of skin cancer. Tinted windows can help reduce exposure to UV rays. No wonder the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends tinting home windows.

Santa Rosa Window Tint is a leading window tint installation company in the Novato area. Our team of experienced professionals specialize in crafting window tint solutions tailored to your home’s custom needs. To learn more, call (707) 879-8468.

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