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Keep Your Home Cool With Window Tinting

Updated: May 30, 2022

The benefits of tinted windows go beyond aesthetics. Window tinting in Sonoma County can reduce solar heat gain, helping keep your home cool during scorching summer and save you money on cooling costs. A high-quality window tint can reject up to 70 % of UV rays and can help eliminate hot spots in your home to fix temperature imbalances in it.

How Do Rooms Trap Heat From Sunlight?

Sunlight can be broken down into three major components – visible light, infrared radiation, and ultraviolet light. These rays can easily pass through untinted windows and glass panes.

When these rays fall on an item in a room in your house, the object absorbs them and re-releases them in a way that produces heat. The heat produced cannot penetrate your windows and escape and as a result, becomes trapped in your home.

How Can Tinted Windows Help Keep Your Home Cool?

Many window films manufactured these days utilize polyester and small fragments of metal and different dyes. These materials work by blocking out heat, while allowing only natural light to pass through.

Some advanced films use a combination of carbon and ceramic particles. These films have superior heat-blocking capabilities than traditional films and also provide excellent visibility.

How Dark Should You Tint Your Windows?

A 49% window tint should help reduce solar gain and keep your house cool, without negatively affecting visibility. Many homeowner’s associations place restrictions on the percentage of tint. Your HOA may not want homeowners to tint their windows too dark as they can cause unwanted glares within neighboring homes. Before you tint your windows, check with your HOA to ensure compliance.

The Benefits Of A Cool Home

Exposure to UV rays can cause premature skin aging. Aging adults, kids and people living with chronic illnesses may not be able to shed excess heat through perspiration. This increases the risk of exhaustion.

Plastic items, when exposed to high temperatures, can release benzene, a gas that can affect your immunity, leading to an immunodeficiency disorder. Prolonged exposure to benzene can cause certain types of cancers.

Tinted windows can help keep your home cool and prevent these and other health problems that can result from prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Tinted windows can block out sun, helping reduce heat inside your house. A cooler home means your HVAC system does not have to work as hard and long as it would have to on a bright, sunny day. It consumes less energy to achieve your desired temperature and can help you reduce your cooling costs.

UV rays can damage furniture and other items in your home. Tinted windows can help prevent premature deterioration of your furniture by blocking out sunlight.

Santa Rosa Window Tint offers effective window film solutions to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses. Our team of professionals can work with tinting projects of any size. To learn more about our residential window tinting services, call (707) 879-8468.

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