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Benefits Of Tinting Commercial Windows

Window tint is a thin laminate film usually made of polyester and treated with reflective coatings. It can be applied to windows in commercial buildings. There are several compelling reasons to tint your windows.

As the leading commercial window tinting provider in Petaluma and Sonoma County, our experts at Santa Rosa Window Tint know that you are always looking for ways to improve your properties efficiency and safety. That is why our team has gathered a list of the top benefits tinting the windows of your commercial can have.

Help Save Energy

Traditional windows are unable to block UV rays. In summer, solar gain occurs – causing the temperature inside your building to rise. This leaves people inside it with no choice but to blast the AC in their room consuming large amounts of addition electricity usage. If you run the ACs in your building for long hours, your energy bill can go up quickly. Cooling costs can add up and cause your operating cost to increase.

High-performance window tint can reduce solar gain, helping keep your building cool. As a result, your cooling system does not have to work longer and harder and consumes less electricity.

Improve Safety and Privacy

Window tint is designed to hold glass together. If a tinted window gets damaged, window tint keeps shards from scattering until the window is replaced. This helps reduce building users’ risk of accidents.

Commercial window tinting in Petaluma can also improve privacy. Window tint reflects most of the light that hits the windows of your building, blocking the view into it.

Window Tint Is Low Maintenance

Another benefit of window tint is that it requires very little maintenance. It is less porous than glass and does not get dirty as easily. Window tint is also water-resistant and has a scratch-resistant coating. Tinted windows resist fingerprints and smudges and do not need to be cleaned as frequently as regular windows.

To clean your tinted windows, use water and mild detergent solution. Once you have cleaned your windows, wipe them off with paper towels or a soft cloth. You can use silicone products occasionally to polish the surface of window films. This will help maintain their shine and prevent unsightly scratches.

Reduce Glare

Studies have found that glare from the sun can affect one’s productivity in several ways. Glare on your computer screen, for instance, can block your view completely, and you may be unable to work. In addition to blocking the heat from the sun, window tint can reduce screen glare, allowing you to focus on your task at hand.

Protect The Interior Of Your Building

Heat from the sun can damage furniture, carpets, window treatments, and even merchandise over time. Window tint can help protect office furniture from harmful UV rays by blocking them.

Santa Rosa Window Tint is a leading window tinting company in Santa Rosa. Our pros have extensive experience installing residential, commercial, and car window tints. They take various measures to ensure proper adhesion for a long-lasting solution for your commercial building. To learn more, call (707)879-8468.

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