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5 Questions to Ask Your Window Tinting Company

UV rays can easily penetrate your home through untinted windows. Not only can UV rays damage furniture and other items in your home, they can also cause skin burns and premature skin aging. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can increase one’s risk of skin cancer. To protect yourself and the items in your home from UV rays, have your windows tinted.

Window film/tint is a thin, scratch-resistant laminate film with a polyester base. It can be installed on the interior or exterior of glass surfaces to block UV rays. There are several benefits of window tinting in Sonoma County. A quality window tint can block up to 99 percent of UV rays and also improve privacy by preventing passersby from being able to look into your home.

All window tints are not created equal. Before having your windows tinted, take the time to ask the installation expert these questions to develop a better understanding of different types of window tints, the tinting process, and to determine if the tint the installer proposes to use is suitable for your windows.

How Long Will the Tint Last?

Depending on the brand and how they are installed, window films can last 1-10 years. While price is an important factor to consider when choosing a window tint, avoid basing your decision solely on it. Inexpensive tints fade sooner or can bubble. You will save more today by opting for a cheap window tint but may end up spending more on its upkeep. On the other hand, a quality window tint may cost you more today but it will save you money on maintenance in the long run.

What Types of Tints Are Available to Choose From?

Window tinting companies offer a wide variety of options, including ceramic tints, metallic tints, dyed tints, and hybrid tints. Ceramic tints are a cut above the rest but are also the most expensive. When choosing the right type of window tint for your windows, consider your lifestyle and the level of UV protection you desire.

Is There a Warranty?

Many window tinting companies offer workmanship warranties. After you have chosen the right window tint for your windows, find out if it comes with a warranty. Ask what can void the warranty. If the manufacturer offers a warranty, take the time to understand what it does and does not cover.

How Long Will Installation Take?

How long installation takes depends primarily on the number of windows to be tinted. Usually, window tint installation does not take more than a couple of hours.

How to Prepare Windows for Tinting?

Your window tint installer may want you to clean the windows before tint installation. If your windows are already tinted, they may ask you to remove the old tint. By performing these tasks, you can ensure that the installation goes smoothly.

Whether you want to have your car or home windows tinted, Santa Rosa Window Tint has you covered. Our technicians follow window tinting best practices designed to help ensure that window films adhere perfectly. To schedule an installation, call 707-879-8468.

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