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In a typical home, 10% of heat loss happens through windows. Commercial window tinting in Petaluma addresses the problem. Tinted windows can make your home more energy-efficient. They add curb appeal and can protect furniture and other items from UV damage.

Santa Rosa Window Tint is a leading window tint company in Petaluma. We specialize in both commercial window tinting in Petaluma and home window tinting in Petaluma. Our pros have deep knowledge of the wide variety of window tints, which allows them to develop customized tinting solutions to fit the needs of families and businesses.

Our experts have years of experience installing different types of car window tints. We use time-tested methods to ensure proper curing and adhesion. Our experts plan everything down to the last detail to prevent costly mistakes and avoid unpleasant surprises.

We are committed to helping our customers make informed buying decisions. Our pros help our customers weigh the pros and cons of the window tints they’re considering so they can determine which type is right for their home or office.

We offer a range of world-class residential, commercial, and decorative window tints. Our window films are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities. Every product undergoes multiple quality tests and meets prescribed quality standards. Our window tints utilize quality materials that stand the test of time; they last five years or more with proper care and maintenance.

Like everything else, tinted windows need ongoing care and maintenance. Regular maintenance addresses current problems and prevents potential issues. It keeps tinted windows looking great for years. We help our customers identify maintenance tasks that they need to carry out to increase the service life of window film.

 To learn more about our services, or get a quote on your home or office near Petaluma, call our office at (707) 879-8468.

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