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Make a Statement with Custom Light Tinting 

Professional light Tint

Professionally Installed by Santa Rosa Window Tint

Here at Santa Rosa Window Tint we offer different color films for your lights. Installing tail light tint is not the only option. SRWT commonly changes fog lights from white to yellow. Not because they have a greater range or penetrate fog to a greater degree, but because yellow light is easier for our eyes to process providing better definition and less eye fatigue. 

Light Tinting Benefits
  • Provides a custom look

  • Available in different colors

  • Not permanent; film can be removed

  • Typically more affordable then painting

  • Adds an additional layer of protection from chips, dents, and scratches sustained from rocks and road debris.​

Tinting headlights

The French started tinting headlights with color to be able to distinguish at night between native French vehicles and foreign vehicles. The same way endurance races use them to distinguish between different classes. Basically, you can instantly see whether the car coming up behind you is in the same class and you can tell whether you need to let them by or are allowed to fight for your position.

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